Education, fun and Indian Tacos!

Los Coyotes Earth Day May 14th 2016

Perfect weather, Indian tacos and Environmental Education sums up the success of this year’s annual Earth Day at the Los Coyotes Campgrounds. Our theme was Recycle, Reduce, Reuse and we showcased this throughout the day.

This event was our first attempt at zero waste. This means we aim to send 0% of residual waste to the landfill by composting the leftover food, collecting recyclables and implementing reusable items. Our food plates and utensils are compostable, which means they can be shredded and broken down to add to a pile of food scraps and dirt to ultimately create a rich soil for gardening.

Los Coyotes Youth Coordinator, Lisset Valencia-Pittman, hosted a scavenger hunt for the young ones that taught them what items to recycle, compost or send to the landfill.

PJ Stoneburner and Jarrod Chapparosa highlighted reusing natural resources in our dining areas. The Ramada was built using willow, the ground was covered in woodchips, and several benches were cut from pine.

Los Coyotes Earth Day grows bigger every year, so if you would like to contribute ideas, we will have or first planning meeting in November 2016.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this event a beautiful moment in time!

$6,055 raised by donations for the event
241 people signed in
119 passports were filled
27 volunteers
17 educational Booths
5 Native vendors
2 engaging activities

Andrew James Pittman
Los Coyotes Environmental Outreach Coordinator